The word on the street is that house and land packages in Perth are one of the hottest real estate trends currently on the market. And what’s not to like? Choosing to build a house is a big life decision and house and land packages take a lot of the hard work and stress out of this decision for you. That way, you can focus your energy on what’s truly important and enjoy the process in its entirety.

Have you been thinking about becoming a new homeowner? Here are a few of the top reasons why we believe you should consider investing in a new home and land package in Perth.

Affordable Designs

The first and most obvious reason to invest in single storey house and land package is the price tag. You’ll be doing a double take when you realise how affordable it actually is to buy a new house/land with a brand new single storey design.

Single storey house and land packages are perfect for couples and young families looking to purchase their first new home, as they are a more flexible and cost efficient option than some others in Perth’s current real estate climate. They also offer great value for those looking to live in a particular type of community.

You may be asking yourself, what’s the catch? No catch. Single storey house and land packages are an affordable option and at Total by Metrostyle our new designs start from less than $200k. With no hidden costs, you won’t have any nasty surprises waiting for you at the end.

It’s Convenient

Another great advantage of purchasing a new house and the block of land it sits on together is the convenience it allows you. It eliminates any extra administration and back and forth that face those new homeowners who buy the two parts separately. It also reduces paperwork, confusion and room for error, making the whole process much more efficient.

At Total by Metrostyle, we make it our mission to simplify the process for you by giving you the guidance needed when purchasing your first new home. We understand the road to home ownership can be daunting and aim to make it as stress-free and painless as possible. We do this by offering a large variety of Ready for Living new house and land packages at great prices in fantastic locations with suitable designs. Check out our huge selection of packages and single storey design options to get a feel for what you’re looking for.

It’s Still your Choice in the End

One of the most common misconceptions about purchasing a house and land package is that you have to give up total control. Just because your home and the land have been paired together for you, doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose any power over the decision making process. You will still get a say on what you want your house to look like, but now you have a more clear and defined direction.

Then once you have chosen your house and land package, there’s still flexibility when choosing from a range of floorplan options to suit your specific needs. Plus, there’s the entire interior of your new home to customise completely to match your style and taste from the fixtures to the fittings to the finishes.

When you choose to build with Total by Metrostyle, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. We are a division of Residential Building WA and we’re backed by JWH Group, one of the largest new home builders in Perth. We are part of the team that helps thousands of WA families move into their dream homes sooner.

Check out our packages or contact one of our team and let them know what you’re looking for and we’ll be sure to have something to suit.