Are you an entertainer at heart? If one of your main requirements when it comes to building your new house is a free-flowing home design that allows you to entertain guests and enjoy each other’s company, then you’re most probably looking for an open plan layout. Open plans are proving to be a popular choice with Australian families, especially given their ability to open up the space and bring people together.

And with Easter just around the corner, what better way to show off your brand new home than by hosting all your family and friends during the holidays? At Total by Metrostyle we believe a great house deserves to be shown off, which is why we build all our ready to move in homes with entertaining in mind. So here’s how you can be the hostess with the mostest this Easter and every other celebration and event thanks to Total by Metrostyle’ cleverly designed open plan homes.

Easy entertaining with an open plan

Open layouts are becoming more and more popular in modern homes as we continue to knock down walls and cut down on separate rooms. With an open floor plan, spaces can transition seamlessly into each other making them extremely advantageous, especially for homeowners who frequently have people over to visit.

In fact, a new study has revealed that people who have open plan living areas are more likely to enjoy quality time. According to the Steggles Quality Time Index, 67% of Australians felt that communal spaces are the most important in the home, showing that open plan layouts are an excellent solution for bringing families together, especially during the holidays.

So why is that? For starters, when the space is open the various areas within it can flow and connect. It feels natural, inviting and social, drawing you through to the light and allowing for family togetherness and multitasking. It also encourages integration of everyday living, which comes in handy when entertaining guests.

The inside

An open layout makes entertaining not only easier but more enjoyable. By joining the rooms together rather than separating them, it creates a feeling of spaciousness in which your guests can feel comfortable stretching out and relaxing in. It also makes it easier for you as the host because it allows you to still be able to get jobs done and interact with your guests at the same time.

With an open plan kitchen, living and dining area, you won’t miss a beat while cooking up a storm or prepping drinks because you can still see and socialise with your guests. And not only are you still able to stay in sight of everyone else, but an open plan allows voices to carry easily between rooms so you won’t have to shout through the walls to be heard.

This allows for interaction between people, no matter what room you’re in – something that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional house layout. As a result, you can invite even more people during those big, celebratory times of the year like Easter.

The kitchen

A contemporary open plan kitchen for example is much better for entertaining than a traditional closed off kitchen. They allow you to stay in contact with your guests throughout the night and interact with them while you’re cooking the meal. So for a show stopping open plan kitchen, look no further than Total by Metrostyle.

With Total by Metrostyle, we have a gorgeous range of new home designs with spacious open plan kitchens. All our ready to move in kitchens come with top of the range Premium Italian 900 appliances and stonetop benchtops. So when preparing for the Easter Sunday meal for friends and family in your Total by Metrostyle kitchen, you’ll feel nothing less than a masterchef!

Then once your guest have gone home happy and full, clean up duty is made simple with Total by Metrostyle’s no-fuss tiling. An easy to clean flooring option, with tiles in your open plan living area you don’t have to worry about guests making a mess in your home and can enjoy yourself throughout the night.

The outside

While an open kitchen, living and dining area is fantastic for hosting the Easter festivities, you and your guests might also want to step outside onto your beautiful alfresco area to enjoy the warm autumn weather. With open plan layouts, there’s a seamless transition from the indoor space to the outdoor alfresco area making entertaining a breeze.

A great feature of modern Australian design, the connection to the outdoor area creates the feeling of one large open space, eliminating any visual barriers that may be in your way with a traditional layout. This flow between spaces contributes to a much friendlier and interactive social atmosphere, where you and your guests can mingle freely.

The Big One

At Total by Metrostyle we have a wide range of designs that include big and beautiful alfrescos, with one particular design being The Big One. A clever design that allows the space to be maximised, this four bedroom, two bathroom design has a spacious open living area that leads out to a generous paved alfresco.

In focus:

  • Model: The Big One
  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 2
  • Garages: 2
  • Frontage: 15m
  • Up to $34,000 value included

Want your house to be the go-to for hosting get-togethers and events? At Total by Metrostyle, we have a wide range of spectacular new home designs with spacious open plan living areas. Check out some of our current home designs then have a chat to the team today.