September marks the first month of spring here in Australia. Signifying fresh flowers, backyard barbeques and endless sunshine, it also means the start of the warmer weather. Known for our crazy climate, especially here in Perth, Australians experience both ends of the spectrum when it comes to the seasons.

From our boiling summers to our chilly winters, we have to be prepared for anything the weather throws our way and therefore so do our homes. Luckily, a home designed by Total by Metrostyle can transcend all the seasons – rain, hail or shine. Moving into spring, here’s how your open plan can make the easy transition with you.

Benefits of Open Plan Living in Spring

Open plans are designed using large open spaces in a home to connect separate rooms by minimising the use of walls and eliminating small enclosed areas. Typically in an open plan layout, the living room, dining room and kitchen are combined into one large open space.

Dating back as far as the 1880s, open plan living has a long history, but has only gained momentum here in Australia in the last few decades. One of the most effective layouts to utilise the space, open plans tie together the indoor and outdoor areas of the home, which is one of the main reasons why it’s become so popular here in Australia.

A nation known for our love of the outdoors, open plan living gives us the opportunity to celebrate our great weather by increasing the connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. This means we can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year long; be it for relaxation, entertaining, family time or a combination of all three.

So besides the obvious advantages of opens plans like the integration of everyday living and the illusion of more space in a less confined area, this connection between the indoor and outdoor is also a great way to create a natural flow through the house.

With no walls to separate rooms in an open floor plan, the entire house is more likely to benefit from natural light. This in turn increases air flow and ventilation, allowing your home to breathe. Light can reach every corner of the room brightening up the house and air can flow easily right from the front to back door.

This natural flow makes open plans ideal for warmer weather and will help you get prepared for the hotter months we’re about the experience at the end of the year and start of next year. So by choosing an open plan not only are you making an investment into more family togetherness – you’re also preparing your home for whatever the weather has in-store.

Total by Metrostyle Inclusions

At Total by Metrostyle, we know that an open floor plan with a seamless transition from the indoor space to an outdoor alfresco area is a great feature in a home. That’s why all our home designs come with an open floor plan that connects to a spacious alfresco area for all the family to enjoy.

With the open plan kitchen, living and dining area spilling out onto a spacious alfresco via sliding doors in all of our home designs, you can enjoy plenty of natural sunlight. Sticking to a neutral colour palette also keeps your home light and cheerful and locating the open plan area at the rear in the majority of our designs ensures the best chance of protection from the harsher elements

But what about winter? A common misconception about open plan layouts is that they’re unable to retain heat and keep you warm during the chillier months. However, this is simply not true. They’re plenty of other ways to close out the cold such as sealing and insulating, planning warm window treatments and warming the floor with rugs.

Luckily, Total by Metrostyle have planned for all four seasons with our clever use of building materials and long list of inclusions. From window treatments to floor coverings, we’ve used all our resources to ensure you’re comfortable in your home all year round.

And to get you even more excited to move into your brand new home, we’ve ensured that each and every one of our designs comes totally ready for living. This means that for the price you see, you’ll get flooring, window treatments, air conditioning, stone bench tops and more! Have a look at our full specifications list to see everything that’s included when you choose Total by Metrostyle.

Are you ready to open up your living space and say hello to spring? Have a chat to the team today about building your very own fully completed home.