When you want to buy a new home and begin looking around at new home builders to go with, there’s a lot to weigh up. To offer more value to potential buyers, you’ll find that more builders will include extras and add-ons and as a result, a full list of specifications will eventually turn up in your hands.

Going through these specifications, you’ll start to notice similar incentives like floor coverings, stone benchtops and more. But what do they actually mean? What exactly are you going to get with that home builder when they say these things are included with your brand new home?

One of these typical inclusions is window treatments. But what exactly is a window treatment? It seems fairly self-explanatory, but there’s a wide array of options available when it comes to window shopping (both figuratively and literally). Here’s what Total by Metrostyle means when we say window treatments are included on our specifications list.

What is a Window Treatment?

Basically, a window treatment is an interior decorating element placed on, in, around or over a window. Often an afterthought, window treatments are an important part of any home design. They can be functional, decorative or strike a balance between the two, depending on your space, design and budget.

Types of Window Treatments

When talking about types of window treatments, there’s quite a bit of overlap in product terminology. So it’s important to know exactly what your home builder means when they say what’s included in the window treatments for your new house. Some of these may include:

Hard Treatments

Just as the name implies, these are made out of hard materials like wood, bamboo or vinyl. It includes:

  1. Shutters – Horizontal slats installed into the window frame that can either be stationary or tilted.
  2. Blinds – Moveable slats that can be tilted open or closed when the blind is lowered.
  3. Shades – A piece of fabric which rolls, stacks or folds, opening to a view only when the shade is rolled up.

Soft Treatments

Like hard treatments, just as the name implies, these are made out of soft materials like cotton or silk. Soft treatments offer a more traditional window treatment look and may include:

Curtains – A piece of fabric intended to block or obscure light or drafts often hung on the inside of the window.
Drapes – Similar to curtains but are often lined, pleated and more formal.

Other Terminology

Some other terms you may come by include treatments for around the window such as:

  • Molding (decorative)
  • Cornice board or pelmet
  • Window valance
  • German Fernsterverdachung

There are also treatments that can be applied directly to the glass, such as:

  • Frosted glass
  • Smart glass
  • Stained glass

What Makes a Good Window Treatment?

When it comes to a good window treatment, substance and style should both be considered. Why? Because you need design but you also need functionality. Here’s why:


First and foremost, a window treatment should enhance the aesthetic of the room, not take away or distract from it. Remember, the windows in your home are your connection to the outside world, so how you choose to dress them will say a lot about your sense of style. Not only will they bring an extra element of colour and pattern to your overall design, but they’ll give your home a tonne of personality.

One way to do this is by layering your window treatments. Sometimes both shades and curtains can be used on windows for a textural look as well as to boost functionality. So don’t be afraid to layer, even if this means doing it in stages for when your budget allows.


While the minimalist look is really hot right now, for the majority of us with neighbours, sidewalks and streets in clear view, leaving our windows uncovered isn’t really a viable option. That’s where window treatments come in. Not only do window treatments provide us with more privacy, they also allow for greater control over the natural light entering the home.

They can also function as insulators to keep cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter. This is invaluable in areas of the home where direct sunlight might be a key concern and you’re after plenty of coverage.

What a Total by Metrostyle Window Treatment Looks Like

When it comes to window treatments, the number one rule to follow is cohesiveness. Your window treatment should work with the overall design of the room, and ultimately, the home. This doesn’t necessarily mean your curtains or blinds have to match perfectly, but they shouldn’t clash with the other design elements in the home build.

At Total by Metrostyle we understand this, which is why we make sure the materials we choose reflect our other design choices. Working with the overall colour palette, our window treatments come in cool tones that give a modern and stylish look and feel. Vertical blinds come standard with every home build and then you have the option to add other window furnishing as extras.

When it comes to materials, we also make sure to make sensible decisions so your home stays new for longer. We choose fade resistant fabrics such as cotton and cotton blends in the rooms that get a lot of sunlight. We also use wood shades because they’re easier to clean, which means less maintenance for you in the long run.

Once you’ve window shopped around, come have a serious chat to us about building your very own fully complete home here in Perth.